At Simark Engineering, our unparalleled commitment to quality is demonstrated through our ISO accreditation. 

Our equipment is manufactured to the highest standard to ensure you adhere to the best practices a, guidelines and industry standards for load retention as set out by VOSA and the HSE.



Simark Engineering has Quality Systems ISO 9001 - 2000.

This approval as a Registered Firm is assessed yearly and covers all parts of our design, development and manufacturing.

Simark also carry out rigorous in house testing to ensure that all products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality.






New guidance has been published by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to help vehicle operators transport loads securely.

More information from the DVSA about VOSA Compliant Load Restraints for Vehicle Operators can be found at the following web page (click here).

For guidance on your responsibility for Load Security as a Vehicle Operator follow this link (click here).




The HSE produced a report on Load Security best practices for Curtain Sided Lorries which can be found by following this link (click here).

The report seeks to establish good practice for securing loads on curtain sided lorries across various industry sectors and direct the reader to practical, robust guidance on load restraint to enable them to minimise the risks to health and safety of all those working on and around curtain-sided vehicles. Good practice in this case is defined as those systems of work that are the most practical, involve the least risk of loads becoming unstable or falling, least risk to the operator/driver, and are practicable.

The report reviews existing legislation and guidance in the UK, Europe, and in North America and Australasia and current practice across a cross-section of UK industry, and assesses the mechanics of load shift and what systems of load securing are most effective in restraining loads.