Our stock range of ratchet, overcentre and curtainsider straps are designed to suit standard box van bodies and trailers.

Our side curtain buckles and straps are suitable for most types of curtains in stainless steel or zinc buckles, all made in compliance with current European standards.

Bottom Curtain Straps available with a variety of end fitting options.

Car Transporter Straps.

Container Door Safety Strap

Heavy Duty 2 part Ratchet Lashings with Claw Hooks.

4m Light Duty general purpose Box Van strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

4.25m Centre Pole Strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

5.5m Centre Pole Strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

3.65m Medium Duty Box Van Strap with Over Centre Buckle (OCB)

4m Medium Duty Box Van Ratchet Strap

3.65m Captive Medium Duty Curtainsider Strap

3.80m Medium Duty Curtainsider Cross strap

Roll Cage Pallet Straps